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David Webb: Blacks, You Are Being Lied to If You Believe' Dems 'Will Deliver Reparations to You'

Posted by JROE LIGHTFOOT on February 24, 2019 at 2:10 PM

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David Webb: ‘Blacks, You Are Being Lied to If You Believe’ Dems ‘Will Deliver Reparations to You’

Many Democrats are talking about giving Black people reparations.

Of course, this is just a ploy to get Black Americans votes because they know they are losing them to the Blexit movement. The Blexit movement is where Black Americans are leaving the Democratic party in droves and supporting Republicans.

David Webb had this to say on Fox News about reparations:

First of all, while I was back in college, because Kamala and I are the same age, and I was smoking pot and listening to Tupac — I’m sorry, it was in grammar school then. First of all, that’s offensive to anyone. I also am Jamaican and you have you no idea how PO-ed I am at that. This is pure pandering. Think about some of the states, like the Carolinas and others where the black vote matters, it did for Obama, and especially in the primaries. They're pandering to something that will never happen. Blacks, you are being lied to if you believe that at any moment any one of them will deliver reparations to you. It’s not going to happen. It means nothing.

I agree with Webb that this will amount to nothing. Democrats will do like they always do, leave Black Americans with plenty of promises and no action once elected.

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