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Republican New Jersey Councilwoman Killed by Gunman

Posted by JJ The Psychotherapist on February 3, 2023 at 12:20 AM


Republican New Jersey Councilwoman Killed by Gunman

A shooting that took place on Wednesday in Sayreville, New Jersey has resulted in the death of a Republican borough councilwoman. The police have stated that the shooting was likely a targeted attack.

Eunice Dwumfour, who was elected to the Sayreville council in 2021, was the victim of the shooting. She was in her car outside her home when she was shot by an unknown assailant. According to ABC7, the police believe Dwumfour was the intended target of the shooter, however, they have not yet identified the motive behind the attack.


Residents in the area have informed RLS Media that the shooter was seen running from the crime scene toward the Garden State Parkway.


Governor Phil Murphy was shocked by the news of Dwumfour's death and expressed his condolences. The Mayor of Sayreville, Victoria Kilpatrick, praised Dwumfour as a dedicated member of the borough council.


The incident takes place amidst a political debate where Democrats, including President Joe Biden, are accusing Republicans of promoting a climate of political violence against their opponents. While some Democratic lawmakers have received death threats and an attempt was made to kidnap Rep. Nancy Pelosi's husband, numerous conservatives have also faced violent threats.


In recent months, there have been several other violent incidents related to politics. In June, a gunman was arrested for seeking to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In October, a shot was fired into the family home of a North Carolina Republican candidate. In September, a North Dakota man claimed he ran over a teenager with his car and killed them because he thought the victim was part of a Republican extremist group.

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