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Pope Francis Is a Marxist and a Globalist of the New World Order

Posted by JJ The Psychotherapist on January 22, 2023 at 1:40 AM

Pope Francis Is a Marxist and a Globalist of the New World Order

An article by Frank De Varona in Liberty Sentinel asserts that Pope Francis is a Marxist, and provides evidence to support this claim. The author notes that while this may not be a secret, many people have intellectual barriers that prevent them from recognizing this fact, as they believe the Pope to be chosen by God and therefore unable to be anti-Biblical.


De Varona also addresses the irony of Neo-Marxists denying the Pope's affiliation with their ideology, despite fully embracing the religion of climate change cultism. The Pope's attacks on those who worship money, which the author claims shows his ignorance about free markets, is cited as evidence of his Marxist beliefs.


The article also suggests that Pope Francis' Marxist beliefs could be connected to the end times in the Bible and that his teachings and leadership will lead to a split in the Catholic Church between those who support free-market economics and those who do not.

The author also claims that the Vatican has been infiltrated by communists and that Pope Francis is undermining Catholic doctrine.


De Varona concludes by stating that Pope Francis is a poorly disguised Marxist and that there is an increasing number of critics in Wall Street, the Tea Party, conservative media, and religious figures who have slammed Pope Francis as a poorly camouflaged Marxist.

He also notes that Pope Francis is not giving enough support to anti-Communists against the Biden regime over infanticide, abortion, gender ideology, and gay marriage. He calls on people to pray that the communists are expelled from the Holy See and that the Devil's smoke of Marxism is forever expelled from the Holy See.

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