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Biden COMMITTED FELONIES by Taking Possession of Classified Top Secret Documents "Whether or Not They Were Passed on to a Foreign Entity"

Posted by JJ The Psychotherapist on January 22, 2023 at 1:10 AM

Biden COMMITTED FELONIES by Taking Possession of Classified Top Secret Documents “Whether or Not They Were Passed on to a Foreign Entity”


It has been reported by CBS News that a federal law enforcement official familiar with the investigation has stated that approximately 10 documents marked as classified and top secret were discovered at the Penn Biden Center. These documents are considered to be the highest level of classification, with a leak of top secret information potentially causing "exceptionally grave damage."

It is also reported that a smaller number of documents marked as classified were found at the Biden residence in Wilmington, Delaware, but none were marked as top secret. In total, the number of known documents marked as classified is roughly 20 between the two locations.


The possession of these types of documents is considered to be a very serious felony, as each top-secret document taken out of its secure location is considered a criminal act.

CBS News did not acknowledge the severity of this crime. In an interview between Frank Gaffney and former CIA Operative Sam Faddis, Faddis stated that "It’s a really serious thing…It’s a felony, it’s probably any number of felonies. We send people to prison for this, that’s without any evidence they passed it to foreign powers." Faddis also mentioned that when classified information is no longer needed, it should be returned to a secure location with an armed guard present.


The allegations that the Biden gang committed these felonies by taking possession of top secret classified documents and potentially providing them to the Chinese at the Chinese front organization, the Penn Biden Center, are serious and warrant further investigation.

It should also be noted that these allegations come in the context of Joe Biden being "up to his eyeballs in evidence of being compromised by the Chinese Communists" and having "taken tens of millions of dollars from the Chinese." Former CIA Operative, Sam Faddis, suggests that this may be considered espionage.

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