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Former Trump Economic Adviser Hammers Biden Admin's 'War' On Fossil Fuels

Posted by JJ The Psychotherapist on October 25, 2022 at 9:15 PM

Former Trump Economic Adviser Hammers Biden Admin’s ‘War’ On Fossil Fuels

Fox Business commentator and former National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow stated Tuesday that the Biden administration "waged war" on fossil fuels, claiming the consequences extended beyond the price of gasoline.

“The Biden administration, on a daily basis, has waged war with the American oil and gas industry which is the best in the world,” Kudlow, a former advisor to former President Donald Trump, said. “It employs over 11 million people and produces the cleanest fossil fuels anywhere. The Biden war on fossils has been a disaster. It has contributed to high inflation, killed family budgets, sunk real worker wages and led to recession. It has damaged our economic security at home and our national security abroad, an unmitigated disaster.”


Biden and the White House have frequently referred to rising gas prices as the "Putin price hike," but other analysts believe Biden's opposition to fossil fuel extraction has spurred higher gas prices. Biden also attacked the oil corporations for the high costs, claiming that they needed to expand production and pass savings on to customers.


“We talk about how shutting down the spigots have jacked up inflation and pushed us into recession but we need to talk about how essential fossil resources are to everyday products in our lives,” Kudlow said. “Know what requires fossil fuels? Phones, clothes, toothpaste, asphalt, trash, laptops. Hang on, I’m just getting warmed up here. Don’t forget diapers, pacifiers and toys used by parents and babies around the world, they’re all made with oil or natural gas or both.”


Kudlow then went on to mention a wide range of things that Americans utilize in their daily lives, from high-tech medical equipment to basic ones like toothbrushes.


“Fossils are used by life-saving products and equipment like pacemakers, MRI machines, IV bags, tubes, surgical instruments, monitors, stethoscopes. Also fossils are critical to prosthetics, hearing aids, glasses, contact lenses, but hang on,” Kudlow continued. “Chemicals derived from petroleum make soaps, antiseptics, aspirin, life-saving pharmaceuticals used by emergency care doctors and physicians. I have to end the list somewhere, but there is about 150 more products based on fossils published by the Energy Department. I can’t read them all but going down the list, I see tennis rackets, tents, tires, toothbrushes, backpacks, ballpoint pens, beach umbrellas, dog collars, fertilizers, golf bags, golf balls, guitar strings, hair curlers, insect repellent. All right, all right, enough already, I get it. Basically, everything in everyday life uses fossil fuel related resources. You get my point.”


“But here’s the problem,” Kudlow said. “John Kerry doesn’t get my point. Joe Biden doesn’t get my point.”


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