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Joe Biden's Weakness Is Encouraging Cyber Attacks

Posted by JJ The Psychotherapist on May 12, 2021 at 12:50 AM

Joe Biden's Weakness Is Encouraging Cyber Attacks


David Marcus from the Post Millennial reported that he attended the National Security Seminar at the United States Army War College in the summer of 2018. Foreign cyber attack was the number one threat to America, according to the Department of Defense, which surprised him at the time.


This week, a Russian hacking group known as DarkSide launched an attack on the Colonial pipeline, which supplies electricity to much of the east coast. President Biden's callous reaction to this action will almost certainly lead to more potentially deadly attacks.


What was the administration's response to this? Surprisingly, it was asserted that because the Colonial pipeline is a private entity, paying a ransom to stop the attack was a decision made by the private company. Joe Biden's complete disregard for his responsibility to protect America is shocking and shameful.


Top military experts explained to me at the War College that one of the things that makes cyber threats so dangerous is that no rules of engagement have been established. Simply put, we have no idea when a cyber attack will elicit a traditional military response.


As a result, bad foreign actors are testing the limits to see how far the US will go, and Joe Biden has sent a clear message that they can cripple our country with little retaliation.


The worst-case scenario involving a cyber attack has a name in the military. It is referred to as a "cyber Pearl Harbor." This is not an exaggeration. The military uses the effects of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico to model the potential damage of an attack shutting down American power grids. Over 3,000 people were killed in the storm, which also wreaked havoc on the island. The Colonial pipeline attack demonstrates how simple it would be to stage a cyber Pearl Harbor.


Private companies should beef up their cyber security, according to the Biden administration, and the US is improving its own cyber capabilities. This is a collection of meaningless platitudes. Only deterrence can prevent cyber attacks, not capability. This is partly due to the fact that when a cyber capability is used, the enemy immediately reverse engineers it. In essence, if you fire a cyber bullet at your adversary, you are allowing them to use the bullet for themselves.


Make no mistake: the US has a massive cyber capability. In June of this year, Donald Trump used some of it in a cyber attack on Iran's Revolutionary Guard. That was a bold move by a strong president who did not seek permission from France or the UN to defend his own country. But it was also a warning: if you strike us, we will strike back twice as hard.


Joe Biden, on the other hand, has sent the weakest possible message to our adversaries in terms of cyber warfare. He is shrugged off the idea of actually paying DarkSide, which operates with Putin's Russia's approval or acquiescence. It is not so much Chamberlain appeasing the Nazis as it is Chamberlain paying them.


Joe Biden's voters liked him because he was steady and predictable; you could pretty much predict how he would react in a crisis: by the book, not making waves. In comparison, Donald Trump was a loose cannon when it came to foreign policy. His critics in the United States feared he would launch a nuclear attack. Our adversaries, on the other hand, did. It is now open season on America under Sleepy Joe. For fun and profit, nefarious groups and the government have discovered how to attack our digital systems.


Joe Biden is failing miserably in his first major foreign policy test. As the threat of gas shortages looms as a result of the pipeline attack, Biden's unseemly weakness invites more of the same. A strong response to this attack is required, one that will deter similar attacks in the future. Joe Biden is demonstrating that he is unfit for the job.


Today's Cold War, which includes Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and others, is fought through cyber attacks rather than nuclear weapons. There is no mutually assured destruction (MAD) to keep the bad guys at bay. This is a long-term battle in which our adversaries will gradually push us back until we respond with force. As a result of Joe Biden's lack of fortitude and strength, we should expect more and more devastating attacks in the future.

Cyber attacks are the greatest threat facing America, according to the Department of Defense, but Joe Biden does not seem to mind. We will pay the price for his cowardice as Americans, and we will pay it sooner rather than later.

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