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On the international stage, Joe Biden makes a complete fool of himself.

Posted by JJ The Psychotherapist on April 24, 2021 at 6:00 PM

Joe Biden Makes an Absolute Clown of Himself on the International Stage

This country's best are not in charge. That has been obvious for a long time, and Joe Biden is content to keep demonstrating it. However, there comes a time when his flaws become a liability. That was the case yesterday.

Biden participated in a Zoom call with other world leaders, including Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of China. This was an opportunity to demonstrate America's strength and greatness. Biden, the only person on the call to do so, stumbled his way through wearing a mask.

That call has 17 people on it. Only after being vaccinated, Biden chose to wear a mask while sitting alone on a remote video call. Is he not aware of how ridiculous this makes us appear? You can imagine how much Putin was giggling on the inside as he watched our president make a complete fool of himself.

This sends a lot of mixed messages. One, it sends the message to our opponents that our president is a frail, elderly man who can't risk removing his mask after being vaccinated. Of course, that message is correct, but perhaps you shouldn't broadcast it so loudly? Furthermore, it is yet another setback for the Biden administration when it comes to vaccine distribution messaging. Why bother getting the vaccine when you can't even remove your mask to make a Zoom call? It's all so ridiculous and ridiculous.

However, Biden believes that by being a "example" of how to wear a mask in even the most ridiculous of circumstances, he is projecting strength. In reality, everyone, including our adversaries, is making fun of him. After that, no one is looking to Biden for motivation to put on a mask. At this point, you either believe in the face diaper or you believe objective data that says they don't work.

Regardless, whether it's Ukraine, Taiwan, the Middle East, or the Nordstream pipeline, China and Russia will continue to run over us. Biden isn't even going to fight back.

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