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Virginia Norfolk PD officer fired after anonymous donation to Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund

Posted by JJ The Psychotherapist on April 20, 2021 at 5:50 PM

Virginia Norfolk PD officer fired after anonymous donation to Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund

A high-ranking Norfolk Police officer was fired after it was discovered that he had donated to Kyle Rittenhouse's defense fund.


Kyle Rittenhouse is the man accused of killing two Black Lives Matter demonstrators last August in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


Sgt. William Kelly, the executive officer of the NPD's internal affairs division, made an anonymous $25 contribution to Rittenhouse's defense in September, according to the Guardian newspaper on Friday. Kelly, on the other hand, used a personal email address, according to the Guardian.


The news came as a result of a data breach at Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo, which exposed official email addresses for a number of police officers and government officials. The openness organization Distributed Denial of Secrets exchanged the details with the Guardian.


Kelly allegedly made the alleged donation on September 3 with the comment, "God bless." Thank you very much for your bravery. Keep your wits about you. “You have committed no wrongdoing” and “Every rank and file police officer stands by you.” Don't be discouraged by the decisions of law enforcement leadership's political class.”


Kelly was initially reassigned to another division pending the outcome of an internal review, according to Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone. Kelly was not included in the statement.


Kelly had worked for the Norfolk Police Department for 18 years, according to his LinkedIn profile. For the past two months, he has served as the executive officer of internal affairs.


Norfolk City Manager Chip Filer said in a statement released Tuesday that he has approved Chief Boone's recommendation to relieve Kelly of his duties.


Chip Filer, the city manager of Norfolk, said "I've gone through the findings of the internal investigation into Lt. William Kelly's case. Lt. Kelly's conduct, Chief Larry Boone and I have determined, are in violation of City and departmental policies. His heinous remarks harm the relationship between the Norfolk Police Department and the people they are sworn to protect. All workers in the City of Norfolk must adhere to a code of conduct, and we will keep them accountable."


Chief Boone said in a letter to residents that he wants them to know that the department will reflect and maintain organizational principles.


Chief Boone said, "A police department cannot do its job if the public loses faith in those whose job it is to serve and protect them." “We don't want the public's perception of any individual officer to jeopardize the Norfolk Police Department's relationship with the community.”


Chief Boone concluded his speech by urging community members to continue to help the department's officers.


Kelly has the option of appealing the ruling.


We now live in a country where a political donation can cost you your job.

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